PromoFectin Specific Reagents


A PromoFectin derivative optimized for the transfection of primary endothelial cells such as HUVEC and HDMEC. It shows very little cytotoxicity and

enables very high transfection rates.


A ligand-conjugated derivative of PromoFectin specialized for hepatocyte transfection (e.g. human and murine hepatocytes, hepatocyte cell lines, and

hepatocarinoma cells). The reagent/nucleic acid complexes bind specifically to surface receptors on the target cells leading to extremely high transfection



A cationic, polymer-based transfection reagent created for the transfection of primary neuronal cells, glial cells, and neuronal cell lines. Cells take up

the polymer/DNA complex through endocytosis, where the polymer is biodegraded into non-toxic molecules. Compared to viral methods, PromoFectinNeuron allows less complicated nucleic acid delivery with high transfection rates.


A unique, lipsome-based transfection reagent optimized for nucleic acid delivery into insect cells, especially those derived from Spodoptera frugiperda

(e.g. Sf9 or Sf21). It outperforms other insect cell transfection reagents in comparison studies and requires less DNA. PromoFectin-Insect demonstrates broad vector delivery capability, excellent reproduciblity, and high expression levels for small- or large-scale protein production.


A novel transfection reagent intended for the delivery of oligonucleotides into a wide variety of cell types. Unlike similar reagents, it shows low

cytotoxicity and excellent transfection efficiency.


A cationic, lipid-based transfection reagent designed for the highly efficient delivery of siRNA into a wide variety of cell types, including problematic cell

lines and primary cells. It enables optimal gene silencing with low cytoxicity.


PromoFectin-Polypeptide is a novel reagent created for the highly efficient delivery of proteins and polypeptides (e.g. blocking peptides and labeled

antibodies) into a wide variety of cells. It captures protein molecules and transports them into the cytosol of living cells while maintaining the protein’s

structure. This allows researchers to study intracellular protein functions without the need for DNA cloning and DNA transfection.

PromoFectin is a non-liposomal transfection reagent based on a water-soluble, cationic polymer. First, it delivers DNA into the cytosol where the DNA is almost completely released,

then PromoFectin promotes DNA trafficking to the cell nucleus. PromoFectin functions with

both adherent and nonadherent cells with a high degree of reproducibility. PromoFectin has

been used successfully with many problematic cell lines and sensitive primary cells.

PromoFectin Feature and Benefits

  • Efficient transfection
  • Suited for cell lines and primary cells
  • Works in the presence of serum and antibiotics
  • Gentle to sensitive cells

    Product Pkg

    Number Description Size Price

    PKCT200010 PromoFectin 0.1 mL $49.00

    PKCT200050 PromoFectin 0.5 mL 179.00

    PKCT2000100 PromoFectin 1.0 mL 279.00

    PKCT2000HUV10 PromoFectin-HUVEC 0.1 mL 129.00

    PKCT2000HUV50 PromoFectin-HUVEC 0.5 mL 399.00

    PKCT2000HEP10 PromoFectin-Hepatocyte 0.1 mL 129.00

    PKCT2000HEP50 PromoFectin-Hepatocyte 0.5 mL 399.00

    PKCT2000NEU075 PromoFectin-Neuron 0.75 mL 439.00

    PKCT2000INC100 PromoFectin-Insect 1.0 mL 179.00

    PKCT2000OLI050 PromoFectin-Oligo 0.5 mL 129.00

    PKCT2000OLI100 PromoFectin-Oligo 1.0 mL 229.00

    PKCT2000RNA50 PromoFectin-siRNA 50 rxns 149.00

    PKCT2000RNA200 PromoFectin-siRNA 200 rxns 349.00

    PKCT2000POL24 PromoFectin-Polypeptide 24 rxns 319.00

    27th Nov 2022 Maria Yordanova, Genprice Inc.

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