MBPK Assay Kit

Description: Useful for determining the activity of MBPK-1, MBPK-2 or related myelin basic protein (MBP) kinase. Can be used to evaluate the effect of a test substance on MBPK activity or to identify new physiological substrates of MBPK-1. Kit provides for 50 assays. Assay is based on the reaction of kinase sample with MBP and [γ-32P]ATP. Kit includes directional insert, and contains solutions of MgATP, MBP, assay and dilution buffer, and purified MBPK-1 sample. Store solutions at -70° C. Avoid repeated thawing. [γ-32P]ATP and trichloroacetic acid are not provided with kit.

Synonyms: Myelin Basic Protein Kinase Assay Kit.

Reference:  J Biol Chem 268: 15298

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