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GloboZymes Launches New Educational Program In The Medical Sciences

GloboZymes is pleased to announce the launching of its new online educational program in the medical sciences with its dedicated new website at  https://www.ExpertLectures.Com. We will be offering online Expert Lectures in the Medical Sciences. Initial courses will include Medical Biochemistry, Metabolism, Human Nutrition, Molecular Biology, Human Physiology I and Human Physiology II. All of these courses are presented in the English language and are based on accredited medical, nursing, and pharmacy school curricula. We will be adding other courses in the Medical Sciences later.

Expert Lectures in the Medical Sciences courses are intended for interested learners at all levels anywhere in the world including premedical, medical, graduate, nursing, pharamcy and other health related professionals who need support, assistance and preparation to succeed in their university courses and/or to further their careers. Our team of  lecturers have the necessary expertise and years of experience  as educators in the medical sciences.

Learners may register for one or more courses at our website. We encourage you to browse through our website and to select the course or courses that meet your needs. We are here to serve and to help you move ahead with your chosen careers.

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