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Positions Available: Medical Sciences Lecturers

ExpertLectures.Com is seeking to fill several part time lecturer positions to teach courses in the medical sciences. Specifically, we are looking for lecturers to provide expert lectures online in Metabolism, Physiology, Anatomy, Histology, Genetics and Embryology. We welcome applications from individuals with teaching and/or research experience in these subjects. Applicants must have MD and/or PhD degrees. Teaching experience in the US medical system is highly desirable. We offer generous compensation.

About ExpertLectures.Com

ExpertLectures.Com is a new educational project of GloboZymes, an innovative, US-based signal transduction biomedical supplier since 2001. ExpertLectures.Com will provide modern, engaging and substantive education in the medical sciences in the English language to people anywhere in the world who love to learn. Our top quality courses are based on accredited US medical school curricula. Our initial course offerings will start in January 2021, based on registrations. Subjects will include Medical Biochemistry, Metabolism, Human Nutrition, Molecular Biology, Human Physiology I and Human Physiology II. Other courses will be added later. 

Our courses are intended for undergraduate, postgraduate, premedical, medical, nursing, pharmacy, and other students who need preparation and support to succeed in these courses and their careers. In addition, our courses are  intended for professionals, including medical doctors, researchers, pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists, and healthcare educators, who wish to refresh and modernize their knowledge in these subjects. Prospective learners may sign up for one or more of our courses, Our new ExpertLectures.Com website and course registration forms have now been published.

Apply Now

Please email us at with a copy of your Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter indicating your specialty course of interest to teach. You may also contact us at if you have any questions.

Apply now to join our international team of lecturers and help our learners realize their dreams. As with GloboZymes, ExpertLectures.Com is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. We support laws that prohibit discrimination wherever we do business.

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