PP2A1 (1 μg)

Source: Bovine kidney.

Purity: > 90% by SDS-PAGE, subunit apparent Mr's ~ 36-, 55- and 65-kDa.

Supplied: 1 μg in 50 μl 50 mM Tris-HCl pH 7.0 buffer containing 14 mM β-mercaptoethanol, 1 mM benzamidine, 0.1 mM phenylmethanesulfonyl fluoride, 1 mM EDTA and 50% glycerol.

Activity: ~ 2000 units/mg with myelin basic protein (MBP, GLO126-010MGLO126-025) as substrate. One unit is the amount of PP2A1 that releases 1 nmol of inorganic phosphate from 32P-labeled MBP per min. Maintain preparations in aliquots at -70° C. Avoid repeated thawing.

Synonyms: Protein Phosphatase 2A1; PP2A1

Background: Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) is a divalent cation-independent protein serine/threonine phosphatase involved in regulating numerous cellular processes including the cell cycle, growth and differentiation. Physiological targets of PP2A include cell surface receptors and ion channels, protein kinases involved in mitogenic signaling and the cell cycle, key regulatory enzymes and proteins involved in metabolism, as well as numerous transcription factors. The phosphatase has been implicated as a growth suppressor. It is inhibited potently by tumor promoters such as okadaic acid and by I1PP2A (GLO140-001, GLO144-001, GLO144-005) and I2PP2A (GLO141-001, GLO145-001, GLO145-005), two naturally-occurring cancer-associated cellular proteins. Additionally, the SV40 small t antigen replaces the B subunit during viral transformation and subverts the physiological function of a subset of PP2A complexes in a substrate selective manner.

GloboZymes protein phosphatase 2A1 (PP2A1) preparations represent a heterotrimeric form of PP2A composed of A/PR65 (GLO138-001, GLO138-005), 55-kDa B and 36-kDa catalytic (GLO132-001) subunits. These preparations are useful for the study of enzyme kinetics and regulation, to dephosphorylate target substrates and to evaluate the effects of test substances on the activity of the phosphatase.


  1. Biochem J 287: 1019
  2. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 90: 2500

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