Custom Services

GloboZymes provides custom services on a contract basis in the following areas:

  • Recombinant protein overexpression in bacteria and ultra purification
  • Selenomethionine protein labeling, expression and purification
  • RNA purification
  • Protein crystallization: initial screening of crystallization conditions, crystal growth and optimization, crystal cryo-protection
  • X-ray crystal structure determination: heavy atom derivatization of protein crystals, X-ray diffraction data collection and processing, de novo phasing and model building, molecular replacement, and structure refinement.
  • Structural bioinformatics, 3D modeling of enzymes and enzyme complexes

Our service team is made up of accomplished research scientisits, principal investigators, and educators who have trained in world-class academic and industrial institutions, and led productive research programs as independent investigators. Their research and teaching experience is in the areas of signal transduction, metabolic regulation, structure-based drug discovery and design, biochemistry of metabolic and neurodegenerative disease, membrane physiology and structure and function of membrane associated proteins, tRNA biogenesis and links to human disease, molecular evolution and bioinformatics. Our scientists have published the results of their research in top peer-reviewed scientific journals.

For pricing, other information or to make an appointment, please contact us at 760-579-0393, toll free 1-888-462-4959 (in the US) or by email at

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