Research Program

GloboZymes strongly believes that the future of the company depends on continuous innovation. With that in mind, GloboZymes maintains an active research program directed at defining the molecular mechanisms regulating signal transduction pathways, and their deregulation in cancer and other diseases. One major focus of this research program is to determine the mechanisms regulating the growth suppressor functions of protein serine/threonine phosphatase 2A (PP2A1, PP2A2) and how this major multifunctional protein phosphatase may be dysfunctional in cancer. A second effort is concerned with the molecular mechanisms regulating the proto-oncogene c-Jun and AP-1-directed transcriptional processes.

Custom Services

GloboZymes is pleased to announce the launching of its new Custom Services. Our scientists are now available to provide customers with their expertise in the following areas: Recombinant protein overexpression in bacteria and ultra purification; Selenomethionine protein labeling, expression and purification; RNA purification; Protein crystallization: initial screening of crystallization conditions, crystal growth and optimization, crystal cryo-protection; X-ray crystal structure determination: heavy atom derivatization of protein crystals, X-ray diffraction data collection, X-ray diffraction data processing, phasing and model building, and structure refinement; Structural bioinformatics, 3D modeling of enzymes and enzyme complexes

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