Anti-AK/PAK2 (200 μg)

Description: Anti-AK/PAK2 is an affinity-purified polyclonal antibody produced in rabbits to a synthetic peptide corresponding to residues 273-291 of the catalytic domain of human lymphocyte PAK2. The antibody is useful for Western blotting, for example, with 20 μg HEK293 cell extracts at 1:1000 dilution of the antibody. GloboZymes polyclonal affinity-purified Anti-AK/PAK2 reacts with PAK2 and its catalytic domain from diverse tissue sources.

Synonyms: Polyclonal Antibody to: Auto-Activated Protein Kinase; Autophosphorylation-Activated Protein Kinase; Catalytic Domain of PAK2; Catalytic Domain of p21-Activated Protein Kinase.

Background: The catalytic domain of PAK2 was originally isolated as a relatively rare auto-activated protein kinase (AK), so termed because the purified enzyme underwent rapid autophosphorylation and concomitant 15-30-fold activation. Subsequent discovery of the PAK family of enzymes and amino sequencing of AK revealed that AK was equivalent to the catalytic domain of PAK2. Unlike the reported activity of native PAK2, AK does not bind nor is it stimulated by the p21-GTPases Cdc42 (GLO128-005, GLO128-025, GLO128-050) and Rac. AK is a physiologically relevant form of PAK2. It is produced from the native enzyme via a caspase-dependent pathway in cells undergoing apoptosis.


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